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Collage Urbe

My university is called Urbe (University Rafael Belloso Chacin) I love my university is beautifull and big, I have excellent teacher this trimester about the campus have many spaces green .One of my plans in the future is will be a great enginieer and find a job. I'm going to study hard 


My old school called SAN PABLO, I study after 5 years. In high school my favorites subjects were mathematic and physical. My favorite professor was Nayibe Garcias, she was my geographic teacher, in high school my best friends were Daniela, Maria katiuska, Jhoana, Adriana, Betzabeth, Adrian and Jose Daniel. I LOVE my prom 37

Final project

My neightborhood

Near of my neigborhood there are Stationary store,many restaurants, school, church and grocery store, The traffic in my neighboord is not crowded and is not safety in the night

My errrands

My errands In the afternoon sometimes I go to the differents places like bank, grocery store, stationary store, mall and go shopping 

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Trends at urbe

In the University Rafael Belloso Chacin there are trends of fashion in the collage there is T-shirts of sponge bob,sunglass ray ban, crocs, pants to the different colors....

A lawyer kills his Mother

At 12:30 am on Monday, June 25, Alfredo Montilla, 40 years old, who for several days showed aggressive with his family, murdered his mother Alba Montilla Navy 68 years of age when I tried to calm it. The event took place in the race 27A and Avenida Andres Bello in the city of Barquisimeto

Local residents reported that Alfredo, who is only son and a lawyer by profession, days before committing the murder, both with his mother as his father lashed out, reportedly because he has psychological problems.

During Sunday night fighting with his father arrived and tried to calm Alba Marina taking the master of the house and locked himself with his son, but it was not enough as the stabbed several times leaving it lifeless.

"Then he killed his mother went looking for her father to kill him also, saying he was doing justice in the name of the Archangel Gabriel," say the neighbors, who indicated that they protected the parent and fortunately did not consummate the murder

Alfredo Montilla given that could do the same with his father until then escaped and police agencies are on her trail.

Kind of family In venezuela

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In venezuela there are different kind of family, but one of the most common family are Nuclear Familia, Blended Family, Extended Family Traditional family and not traditional family

My family

Make a video of your own at Animoto.

My family is traditional, I have married parents and they are working parents. I have a little brother but all the people say that he`s my old brother. I have many aunts and uncles a majority of them are married

Information about urban legends

Information about urban legends
Origins and structure

The term “urban legend,” as used by folklorists, has appeared in print since at least 1968. Jan Harold Brunvand, professor of English at the University of Utah, introduced the term to the general public in a series of popular books published beginning in 1981. Brunvand used his collection of legends, The Vanishing Hitchhiker: American Urban Legends & Their Meanings (1981) to make two points: first, that legends and folklore do not occur exclusively in so-called primitive or traditional societies, and second, that one could learn much about urban and modern culture by studying such tales.
Many urban legends are framed as complete stories with plot and characters. The compelling appeal of a typical urban legend is its elements of mystery, horror, fear or humor. Often they serve ascautionary tales. Some urban legends are morality tales that depict someone, usually a child, acting in a disagreeable manner, only to wind up in trouble, hurt, or dead

Famous Legend

Famous Leyends
Robin Hood
Robin Hood was a thief who fought against the injustice and tyranny by stealing from the rich and giving the money to the poor.
Is one of the most famous legendary characters of all time. Though his existence is not clearly verified, he is believed to be an English man from the medieval times.

Urband legends in Venezuela

Urban legends in Venezuela One of my favorite legend in my country is`t call “The sayona”. The History started about a beautiful women, she lived very happy in it`s farm until a day, a bad language, told her that to it`s it deceived it husband with its own mother, she desire revenge, thus went to see its husband who was in the farm next to his son, she kill her husband and son and Then the woman went to by her mother, who left scared by the glance and the false accusations her daughter and the soyona kill own mother.

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article of Rafael Reif president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

 Rafael Reif was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela  he is provost and a professor of Electrical Engineering. He was elected the 17th president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in May 2012 and will succeed Susan Hockfield in July 2012.
he said "This is a dream I never dared to imagine"  when he was elected he said an amazing history
“My story is not too different from that of many at MIT,” Reif said, describing his family as “wealthy in integrity and principles and values, but poor in everything material.” Coming from that background, he said, “What happened in my life was a set of good opportunities that I was able to take advantage of.”
thanks you rafael for represent venezuela especially maracaibo and another country you make feel us proud of been who are we

article about my Classmate

My classmate Her name is  BETZABETH MALDONADO but you can call her Tita. She from Venezuela. she live in Maracaibo, in Santa Maria. she has 24 years old and she have a big family. Her mom is a Public Counter and her dad an Musician. she have 2 brothers and 3 sisters. 
She study engineering at URBE. This trimester she taking 5 classes and I am in the 7th trimester. 
she love their family and your boyfriend. Your favorite food is pizza and she love dancing
she hate cats, lies, exposicions and waiting. she can't stand people smoking
Her dream is to get a job, get marry and start a family.


about bezabeth my classmate


                                         my group Jorge, anderson betza and me :D

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My Mindmap

Welcome guys !!

Hello guys..                    
In this blog I will post my school work for leverl 5. I will use this page to practice writing and reading also speaking.
Please follow me

My name is Maria Daniela but  my friends call me mada. I’m from Machiques, but now I live in maracaibo. I’m 19 years old ,I have one brother. I study electronic engineering at urbe. I love the mathematics and this trimester I taking 7 classes and I’m in the 4nd trimester

I love go out with my friends, play Ps3, dance, surfing the net and go out with my friends.
My favorite food is pizza and I like the ice cream very much.
The most important to me is God, my family and friends
I hate the liars, eat cheese and I can`t stand standing on a line
My dream is travel around the world and graduate from engineering school
About English I like to learn something new It`s very important for Me
What do I do to practice my English?  Well I listen to music in English the most difficult for me is grammar

Well please follow me, leave a comment
@mariidchacin :D

-"your mind, once stretched by a new idea never  regains it`s original dimensions" Oliver Wendell Holmes